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On Camera & On Stage Training

“There is only one way to catch your audience, be your self!”

- My Södergren

DO YOU OR YOUR COMPANY need to take place in the market? Do you speak to others or use the camera as a tool? Maybe you've just been assigned to be in front of the camcorder and have no idea how to do it?

Want to captivate your audience?


Our On Camera & On Stage Training is unique of its kind! It gives the participants access to and development of their capabilities, abilities and uniqueness. So that they can reach out with their message, regardless of the audience.


The training provides participants with pragmatic tools so they can be confident, professional and authentic in front of the camera or on stage.


Being authentic is by far the most important characteristic of a good speaker.


We provide the tools that give participants an unbeatable ability to break through the fog and "go through the camera". They will most likely discover talents and capabilities they didn't think they had. And if anyone think they are scared to speak in front of the camera or audience, they'll probably find out it's not true.

We have many satisfied customers, such as Handelsbanken, Nordea, Pluspil Skolutveckling, Styrelseakademin and others.

"I have been trained in front of the camera many times before. My did something I have never seen before! I am deeply impressed with how she got ALL the board professionals in the group to be so much better! We want more of her!"

Kamran Ghodsi, Producent Populate

We look forward to hearing from you and we dare to promise that we have something to offer that you cannot be without!


*** We also help you create your videos, online courses and other video presence. ***

"My facilitated me in front of the camera when she produced my online health program and I have never experienced anything like it! She has incredible knowledge and provides tools that are very effective and easy to use. She is super sharp in seeing where I am and what it takes to move on. It was already easy for me to be in front of the camera and the change that happened now is huge! "

Pernilla Carrier, grundare och ägare Behandlingsteam Pernilla Carrier


Photo sessions 

A picture tells us more than a thousand words

OUR PHOTO SESSIONS ARE UNIQUE as you get facilitation both before and during the shoot, so you can relax, be yourself and have fun in front of the camera.

We will help you to shine through the camera!


When we see the authentic you, your images become irresistible!

What if a photo shoot could change far more than you can imagine?


Want to boost your personality? I work with professional makeup and hair artist Eleonor Bergman from Salong Ny Tid. Contact us for price information.

"...My has also made my website, which I am very happy with, as well as taken all the photos and produced the videos I market my self with. She made me feel completely relaxed, which made everything get a warm and professional expression, exactly what I wanted to convey."

Lena Göthe, ägare Plus Pil Skolutveckling

Video production 

According to Implix, an introductory email that includes a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%.

CREATING A VIDEO can be done by almost anyone nowadays.

We believe that if done professionally, with good light, sound and image, and with someone in front of the camera who is trained to be authentic and relaxed, has a much greater impact.


Our teams are professional in their field, of course, the person (s) who will be in front of the camera receive training before we hit record.


The result is many satisfied customers, for example



Plus Pil Skolutveckling

Anna Ahlefeldt Kiropraktik

Author Lisa Henriksson

Behandlingsteam Pernilla Carrier

och många fler. 

"My has produced both my presentation videos with an extraordinary result! She is not only a professional at making a great movie, she also asked coaching questions along the way so I had to be even more clear with my message. I got help in communicating with clarity and purpose, based on what I wanted my audience to hear.

It gives great results to work with My because she has the strength to be able to contribute to both the content and the design! I'm so satisfied!!"

Lena Göthe, owner and consultant, Plus Pil Skolutveckling.

Suport & Mentorship for

Kids and youths

"Alla barn och ungdomar har unika talanger och kapaciteter som, när de blir sedda som de är, erkända och utvecklade, är våra viktigaste tillgångar för att bygga en hållbar framtid." 

My Södergren 

VIA A UNIQUE COOPERATION WITH YuBe AB and volunteer sponsors, we offer free support and mentoring for children and youngsters.


For every SEK 750 donated, a child or youth up to 18 years of age, gets the possibility to come to us for a one hour free support! Of SEK 750, SEK 200 goes to costs for the venue, SEK 475 is a gift to the staff member that gives the support and SEK 75 goes to the YuBe foundation that supports young people's future dreams.

Would you like to help children and youngsters to get a chance to handle stress, increase physical issues and know how to step into their uniqueness?

All offers are so welcome! Please send us your contribution via Swish (0704418024) and mark the payment with your name and email so we can contact you.

If you would like us to send you an invoice, or know more, please contact us!

It's not about helping. It's about empowering young people to know that they are capable of choice, of creating the life they want.

We provide facilitating conversations, Access Bars ™ and Mentoring where the results are less stress, increased self-esteem and confidence in the future. More ease of dealing and communicating with the outside world, getting better results in school and having access to more happiness and joy.

The starting point is always that they may be and be seen for who they are.

For now we have offices in Stockholm and if you would like us to come to your city, please let us know and we will do our best to find a support person.
We are @Pinto & Co, Nybrogatan 64, Östermalm 
and YuBe AB, Hornsgatan 114, Söder Stockholm. 


Facilitating, conversations and mentoring take place at the above address and, if necessary, also online.


"Before I started the sessions with My I had a lot of severe angst attacks and was often very stressed. I didn't know how to handle the attacks and the stress in a way that changed it. After 2 sessions with My, the angst was a lot less and now, after 4 sessions, its almost gone. I know now how to handle it and got a lot better to be around stress and not make it mine. I have started to take care of my self too. People say I shine again!
I am recommending others to go to My! It have helped me so much!

Angelia, 15 years

body sessions

Would you like to be stress free? 

ACCESS BARS ™ is very stress-reducing and through a light touch on specific Bars points connected around and through the head, it allows you to fully and deeply relax. 
In the same time locked up thought patterna and behaviour patterns begin to release.

It can be described as putting your computer's junk files in the trash and pressing delete.

New possibilities now have room to play.


During a Bars session you get very light touch on 32 points on your head. All you have to do is lie down and receive.


The method has proven international results since almost thirty years and is being used for all ages. It is appreciated and recommended by psychologists, teachers, curators, body therapists and business leaders as it operates independently, but at the same time is a dynamic complement that strengthens other methods in physical therapy, training, coaching, therapy, addiction treatment, internship, innovation and leadership.


Many feel that the distracting noise of thoughts becomes silent and that the sleep is deeper. after receiving Bars. You become relaxed and able to cope more physically and mentally, as well as access new and broader perspectives on life. In turn, there is your entire health, your family and your relationships - including the one with your body, your gender, your working life, your creativity and your life's desire. Many people talk about increased self-esteem, greater self-confidence, a better general situation with less stress reactions and fewer movements to perfect pain relief, easier pregnancy and childbirth, more effective decision-making, calmer conflict resolution, easier schooling and studies and increased cash flow.



Time: 90 minutes.

Cost: SEK 1500

"Jag har fått Bars och supportande samtal av My tre gånger och redan efter första gången blev min ångest mindre intensiv, efter andra gången kunde jag känna av stressen, men ångesten bröt aldrig ut. Livet blir liksom lättare och jag vet att dom runt omkring blir påverkade positivt av min förändring. Jag önskar att alla barn och ungdomar skulle få den här möjligheten så att alla får chansen att må bra på riktigt! "

Anders, skolelev14 år


ACCESS FACELIFT ™ is a wonderful and very effective way to revitalise and rejuvenate your face and body. The treatment reverses the signs of aging in your face and body, without surgery, injections or pills.


During a Facelift session you get very comfortable and light touch on the upper chest, neck, face and head. You will not just look younger and healthier, you will feel full of energy, have less judgment about yourself and more ease to "show up" in the world.


Time: 90 minutes.

Cost: SEK 1500

"After receiving an Access Facelift treatment a couple of days in a row, I felt and looked more energised and my lines were smaller. The most amazing thing was that a "age mould" on my chest disappeared."

Katarina W, Sweden 

"I had a lot of problems with my teeth and now its like my mouth is matching the rest of my system. I´ve been showen that my body can readjust to anything it would like to be." 

Shannon, Australia


individual or group setting

Sometimes, all it takes, is a question without conclusions is what is required for the door of change to open

THEESE TRANSFORMING sessions are for you, your work group, business, relationships and/or life in general. 

I will assist you with tools and processes that will allow things to change.  

First of all you will become aware of the patterns and programs you’ve been choosing (consciously or un-consciously) to create your life so far. Secondly, we will use effective questions and processes that will change what is not working for you. You will probably notice a difference straight away. 

I will give you very effective and easy-to-use tools that you can use to make a difference, in all areas of your daily life and you will become more aware of what you know and are capable of. 

When you let go of what is not true for you anymore you can create the future-reality you always wanted and knew was possible

"Being facilitated by My is so much ease and at the same time as it has made me see and unwind many unnecessary lock-ups in my life. Even the most heavy and serious subjects she can come close and penetrate, with respect, seriousness and joy at the same time. My helped me to see and acknowledge more of who I really am. She is like sparkles in my life and I am happy and grateful for all the sessions I had with her!"

Catrin DItz, MD of the Year 2016

"Do you need guidance when life feels challenging and help to gain clarity and insight about yourself and your situation? Do you want to make lasting changes in your life and feel wonderful energy flowing through you? Go to My - she's absolutely amazing at it!"

Edvind Nygaard, founder and co-creator of Swish


Your business is a living organism that, like you, feels good and expands by choices that are rewarding and nurturing.

In these facilitating conversations, in groups or individually, you will learn how you can have a different approach to your business, how you can expand it by asking questions and listen to what it actually is asking for.

Only when you become a tool for your business can you really help it get where it wants to go.

Your life is your business so just as you create your own life you can learn to create your business as well.


"I bought a package from My and had both facilitation for my self and my business as well as training in front of the video camera. I had no idea it could give this much! Literally EVERYTHING changed and expanded. She asked questions and gave me tools that I’ve never used or heard of before and I’ve been working as a coach for 20 years. If you ever would like your life to really kick of, to really be who you are and open up for everything that is possible, just book a time with her. Its worth every second!"

Stina, Coach and Travel Organizer 


Thank you for your message! We will contact you as soon as possible!